Convenient radiator control

With AFRISO Smart Home, you make your existing radiators smarter and more efficient without having to bear the costs of a complete renovation of your system. You can install the intelligent, electronic thermostat control heads (actuators) with or without the AFRISOhome gateway, and this way you decide yourself how many possibilities you need.

With AFRISO Smart Home solutions you get maximum freedom and can control conventional heaters and radiators.

Components used:

Door and window contact AMC 10

Wireless actuator AVD 20-D

AFRISOhome gateway (optional)


The desired room temperature is adjusted via the AFRISOhome app or directly at the wireless actuator AVD 20-D. The actuator opens or closes the radiator valve correspondingly in order to adapt the actual temperature to the reference temperature in the room.

Due to the bidirectional communication and its integrated functions such as the detection of the flow temperature, detection of both limit positions as well as signalling of the exact valve position, the actuator provides the decisive data for an optimised heating system.

AFRISO Produkt Funk Stellantrieb AVD 20

If a window is opened to air the room, the door and window contact AMC 10 sends the information to the gateway. Via a preset PROgram in the app, the actuator is notified to close the radiator valve. This way, no unnecessary energy is wasted when the room is aired.

AFRISO Produkt Tür- und Fensterkontakt AMC 10

You can also track your heating capacity via the AFRISOhome gateway in a clearly presented diagram and thus have maximum control of your energy consumption in each room.

Also, you can control your heating while you are on the road and can save additional energy this way by reducing the heating capacity as long as you are on the road. On the way home, you can then set the temperature back to the desired temperature and come home to an optimally heated home.

AFRISOhome Gateway Smart Home Zentrale

Starter set Comfort

AFRISO Smart Home Starterset Komfort

A starter kit is available for this application.

Benefit from the package price of only 799 € RRP incl. VAT for the set consisting of:

1x AFRISOhome gateway
3x wireless actuator AVD 20-D, with display