Indoor siren AIS 10 PRO

  • Ideal as a stand-alone device for setting up a modular alarm system without a gateway
  • Compact, unobtrusive design
  • Version with mains plug
  • Loud 90 dB alarm tone
  •  Integrated repeater function


Alarm siren as a stand-alone solution for EnOcean wireless products. You can teach in up to 20 EnOcean wireless smart home devices into the siren. AIS 10 PRO allows you to create a modular alarm system with or without a gateway or a mobile devices.


The indoor siren AIS 10 PRO allows for versatile use in building technology applications. As a mains plug version, you can plug it into any power outlet and the siren is ready for operation. The siren lets you teach in up to 20 smart home sensors via EnOcean wireless. This includes, among others, door and window contacts, water sensors, smoke alarms, switches, universal wireless transmitters, window handles, AFRISO WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units and additional AFRISO AIS 10 PRO indoor sirens for alarm on additional floors. If one of the connected EnOcean devices responds, a radio signal is sent to the indoor siren. The alarm signals from the corresponding sensor are repeated at intervals of one second to ensure reliable transmission. The indoor siren AIS 10 PRO emits a loud alarm tone and the LED lights red.

The following alarm scenarios can be distinguished:
Pre-alarm: LED red and beeping sound 1 x per second. After 5 seconds transition to main alarm.
Main alarm: LED red and 90 dB continuous alarm sound for 5 minutes. Finally transition to post-alarm.
Post-alarm: LED red and beeping sound 1 x per 5 seconds.

Once the cause of the alarm has been removed, the alarm tone is muted and the LED lights green. In addition, AIS 10 PRO can be operated as a component of the AFRISOhome gateway. If the device is operated as a stand-alone alarm system, the wireless rocker switch FT4F-rw must be integrated as an activation switch. The alarm system can operate in the operating states EXACT and FUZZY, depending on the presence of the persons in the building. In the operating state FUZZY, the LED lights green, in the operating state EXACT, it lights yellow. In the operating state FUZZY, only safety-related sensors such as water sensors, smoke alarms, rocker switches (used as “panic buttons”) or WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units rigger an alarm. In addition, AIS 10 can be operated as a component of the AFRISOhome gateway. The siren can be controlled via a mobile device. AIS 10 also features a repeater function. When operated with an AFRISOhome gateway, the indoor siren also monitors the mains voltage. In the case of power outage, an alarm signal is sent to a master network.

Technical specifications

Operating temperature range
Ambient: 0/50 °C
Storage: -40/+70 °C
Humidity: Max. 95 % r.h., non-condensing

Plastic housing (PC/ABS)
Colour: White, similar to RAL 9003
W x H x D: 69 x 69 x 31 mm
Weight: 120 g
Degree of protection: IP 20 (EN 60529)

Supply voltage
AC 100–240 V via Schuko® power outlet

Nominal power
2.5 VA

Alarm condition
Sound pressure: 90 dB

Visual indication
LED red: Alarm
LED yellow: Alarm system EXACT
LED green: Operation, alarm system FUZZY

EnOcean wireless
EEP: Generic Profile (GP)
Frequency: 868.3 MHz
Transmission power: Max. 10 mW
Range: 10 to 30 m (depending on room arrangement and materials in the building)