Mobile app AFRISOhome

Easy operation

The app allows you to monitor and control all devices in your home in a very simple way. All data is displayed in easy-to-understand diagrams so that you always have an overview of the temperatures, power consumption and other information.

PROgrams let you automate sequences using if-then functions; they are displayed in the app and easy to manage. For example, you can trigger repetitive functions at fixed points in time or create more complex programs which make your life easier and safer.

The Group function allows you to conveniently control entire groups of devices. For example, you can switch all lights in the living room in a single go. This way, you do not have to switch the lights on or off individually.

AFRISOhome App Smart Home
Smart Home App on the go

Safe and up to date

The smartphone app allows you to control your smart home conveniently from anywhere in the world. A good feeling in all situations:

  • You do not want to ask your neighbour over and again to keep an eye on your home while you are in holidays? Then simply create a PROgram in your app that simulates presence, closes the window blinds or shutters, switches on and off the light.
  • Forgot to turn down the radiators? Or you just decided you would like to have a different temperature at home for the evening? Energy savings and convenience have never been easier.
  • Not quite sure you really closed your windows? No problem – with the app you can check the status while you are on the road and even close the window blinds or roller shutters.

One for all

The AFRISOhome app is optimised to offer best operation with all display formats. This results in maximum ease of use, regardless of whether you use a PC, a smartphone or a tablet to operate your smart home.

All applications are synchronised in real time so that you always see the latest information – irrespective of whether you control the smart home via a tablet in your local network or whether you are on the road and want to check whether all devices have the correct status.

AFRISOhome Smart Home App Responsive


The AFRISOhome app is free for all standard iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded in the App Store or via Google Play. The app is optimised for smartphones and tablets to offer optimum operation on a great variety of devices.

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