Wireless water meter AWM

AFRISO Produkt Wasserzähler AWM
  • Easy integration of water consumption values into building automation systems
  • Building protection via integrated leak detection and automatic shut/off of the water pipe by means of water valve
  • WaterControl 01 Wireless protocol: Wireless M-Bus


Water meter for building connection with factory-mounted and configured EDC wireless module (electronic data capture module). It inductively scans the modulator disk to allow for reliable remote reading and integration of water meters into building automation systems.


The wireless water meter is directly integrated into the building connection line. The measured water volume is transmitted to the AFRISOhome gateway. The AFRISOhome app can show calculated totals and daily consumption. If, for example, unusually high flow rates are detected, the water line can be automatically shut off by means of the water valve WaterControl 01 to protect the building.

Technical specifications

Operating temperature range
Ambient: 5/55 °C
Storage: Frost-protected
Medium: Cold water up to 30 °C
Safety up to 50 °C

Annular piston dry rotor (AWM 20)
Continuous flow Q3: 4
Connection: G¾
Length without screw connection: 190 mm

Multi-jet dry rotor (AWM 25)
Continuous flow Q3: 10
Connection: G1
Length without screw connection: 260 mm

Degree of protection
IP 68 (EN 60529)

Version wireless module
Wireless M-Bus as per OMS standard,
EN 13757-4
Frequency 868 MHz, T1 mode
Transmission power: Max. 25 mW
Transmission interval: 20 s
Wireless protocols AES 128-encrypted
Up to 15 years battery life
Self-monitoring, manipulation detection,
detection of direction of flow Conformity
Complies with current German Drinking Water Act