AFRISO Smart Home - the benefits

Installation without cables

As a result of energy-autonomous transmission of the signals via EnOcean wireless, no power cables are required, you do not have to replace batteries and you benefit from a simple plug & play installation.

Open system

The AFRISOhome gateway communicates with all standard devices using the EnOcean, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or WLAN protocols. This allows you to control many other devices in addition to AFRISO sensors and actuators - and you will remain manufacturer-independent.

Low radiation

AFRISO smart home uses EnOcean wireless - this technology transmits its data with 700 times less radiation than your WLAN home network.

Complete solution

Let your life be smart. Whether indoor climate, convenience or security – AFRISO smart home offers a complete solution of perfectly adapted components from sensors and actuators all the way to the gateway and the app.


Decades of experience and an impeccable track record of proven products in the area of domestic technology guarantee that you get a high-quality solution. AFRISO smart home products are designed in Germany and manufactured at European production sites.

Data security

At home stays at home. Your data is directly on your AFRISOhome gateway and transmitted with the same encryption as in the case of online banking. AFRISO smart home does not use a cloud solution and can also be used without an Internet connection.

The AFRISOhome Smart Home gateway

The gateway is the base station and allows you to control your smart home with your smartphone.

All standards

The AFRISOhome gateway knows all typical wireless standards such as EnOcean, Zigbee (optional), Z-Wave (optional) and WLAN.

Unobtrusive design

With its modern and timeless design, the gateway is unobtrusive in any room.

Local memory

The data is stored directly on the gateway so it is safeguarded against access by third parties and cannot be intercepted and read on its way to a cloud memory.

Easy installation

The gateway is easy to commission and it is easy to teach in sensors and actuators.

AFRISOhome Gateway HG 02

Sensors and actuators

AFRISO smart home is unique: In addition to the gateway and the app, a comprehensive selection of professional sensors for a great variety of applications is available from a single supplier. The portfolio comprises, among other things:
– Water sensors
– Alarm units
– Smoke detector
– Temperature and pressure measuring instruments
– Room temperature sensors
– Temperature controllers
– Actuators
and so on.

Afriso sensors and actuators in use
Afrisohome App im Einsatz

The AFRISOhome app

With the intuitive app, AFRISOhome ensures that your sensors and actuators are easy to configure. Regular updates extend your possibilities with new functions or sensors on an ongoing basis.


News and dates

Everything at a glance

Learn everything about AFRISOhome smart home in our brochure:


AFRISO, a family business founded in 1869, provides cutting-edge technology and expertise for safe heating systems and tank facilities and is an industry partner in the area or pressure and temperature measurement. Energy saving has been the focus of our product development for more than 45 years – long before terms such as “energy efficiency” and “environmental protection” became commonplace. We make sure that your heating system works in an environmentally friendly, clean and efficient way. Smart home – for some just a trend – has a long tradition at AFRISO: We launched products for event reporting in buildings as early as 1997. Since 2012, we have been continuously developing the latest Smart Home generation – today, a team of 15 app specialists is at work for you. We are not a start-up, we are not an Internet giant collecting data, we are not an impersonal telecommunications corporation. We are your reliable partner with a future-proof solution who respects your privacy and ensures more security and comfort and a better indoor climate in your home, step by step and exactly as you need it.

Shaping the future

AFRISO is determined to be instrumental in shaping the future of the smart home. This is why we are committed – together with other manufacturers – to develop the best solution for your smart home.

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