Smart Home technology by AFRISO

Complete system

With AFRISO smart home solutions, you get products completely adapted to each other: you receive products from the gateway and the app all the way to the sensors and actuators from a single supplier.

The wireless standards

Even the base version of the multi-protocol AFRISOhome gateway HG 01 allows you to use a great variety of smart home products and brands from various manufacturers due to the integrated support of EnOcean and Z-Wave. The gateway can be extended by optional ZigBee wireless and this way offers you an even greater possibility to set up your smart home as individually as possible.

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The patented EnOcean wireless technology allows for long-range signals with very little energy. An off-the-shelf EnOcean wireless module can transmit a signal over a distance of 30 m with as little as 50 µWs (open air). The secret lies in the signal duration; the entire process is triggered, performed and completed in just 1 thousandth of a second. The energy required for sending messages is generated from ambient sources – small movements, pressure, light, temperature or vibration are sufficient to allow for power-independent operation of the sensors. In addition to AFRISO, more than 400 renowned manufacturers worldwide belong to the EnOcean Alliance.

A list of the EnOcean-compatible products can be found here.



Z-Wave is used in more than 1500 different products from various manufacturers. Z-Wave devices are certified by the Z-Wave Alliance in order to guarantee interoperability. This includes use of the same radio frequency as well as a vast variety of requirements which ensure that products from different manufacturers can really interoperate in a single home network. The entire communication is encrypted and must be confirmed by the receiver. Each device can forward a message to the destination for other devices (mesh network) and thus ensures secure transmission to the gateway. As opposed to the EnOcean technology, Z-Wave products require a mains or battery operation.

A list of the EnOcean-compatible products can be found here.



ZigBee controls the most different devices in a convenient and cost-effective way. The Zigbee wireless technology relies on a power consumption as low as possible so that the batteries required for the operation of sensors and actuators can be operated for several years without battery replacement. A number of prominent companies such as, for example, Philips, Osram or Samsung are members of the Zigbee Alliance.  Zigbee is therefore the language for a great number of intelligent home devices and do-it-yourself products which bring the benefits of the Internet of Things to the smart home.

A list of compatible ZigBee products can be found here.

Wireless Lan WLAN W-Lan


The wireless LAN sends signals at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and can achieve ranges from 10 m to 30 m in closed rooms, depending on the model.

A list of the Wifi products can be found here.

The hardware

The AFRISOhome gateway (HG02) features WLAN and is powered via the micro USB port.

Smart Home Gateway Zentrale AFRISOhome Schaubild

The software

Due to the use of Buildroot Embedded Linux as the basis and programming in C and C++, the AFRISOhome gateway has a stable foundation and achieves stable and unsurpassed performance.

In order to continuously track all data live, the gateway relies on a libwebsocket as websocket and Web server. This way, all changes are synchronised live and are available in real time on all apps.

The complete system is based on own software development and does not rely on an IoT open source framework. This is the reason why AFRISO smart home is so flexible and can be changed and extended without limitation to the level of PROgrams.

AFRISOhome security principle

The data in AFRISO smart home are encrypted and transmitted to our servers with SSH tunnelling. These proxy servers are hosted in Germany and are subject to the German data protection and privacy regulations.

SSH is the acronym for Secure Shell. With Secure Shell, secure network connections can be established, for example, from a PC to a web server. SSH allows for mutual authentication and encrypted data transmission so that unauthorised third parties cannot read sensitive data. Secure Shell offers a high level of security.

All data is stored only on the AFRISOhome gateway and only routed via the servers for transmission to the smartphone. The data is not stored on servers at any point in time: this way, the system guarantees a high level of security for you.

AFRISO Smart Home Sicherheit Sicherheitskonzept