Reducing the risk of infection by means of CO2 room air monitoring

Studies confirm that CO2 is an indicator for the aerosol concentration. Increased air exchange keeps the CO2 and aerosol pollution in the room low and thus reduces the risk of corona infection. Plug the sensor into the socket and off you go with more security in the office, school or day-care centre: AFRISO CO2 tell you when it is time for ventilation by means of an easily understandable LED traffic light. If the sensor is integrated into the smart home system, ventilation systems can also be controlled or the heating system can be adjusted during ventilation.

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Smart home applications

With the complete product portfolio and the extension possibilities with other products, AFRISO smart home offers a great variety of application possibilities. Various possible application examples with our AFRISOhome gateway are shown here:

Stand-alone applications

Our products with the EnOcean wireless standard allow you to implement intelligent controls without a gateway. Here are some applications that do not require a gateway: