Leakage security

Water damage causes damage of 1.7 billion Euros each year and therefore is one of the greatest risks to your property. With the water sensors, you safeguard your house, apartment, office or production building in an effective way and get a head start to reduce water damage to a minimum.

Due to the combination of water valve and water sensors, the main water pipe is also closed as soon as a sensor detects moisture. Further spilling of water is prevented even if you are not in the building.

Components used:

Water valve Water Control 01

WaterSensor eco
(or WaterSensor con)

AFRISOhome gateway (optional)


The water valve WaterControl is directly installed in the main pipe of the drinking water pipe and connected to the power supply with the mains plug.

The motorised ball valve is DVGW-tested and hence approved for use in drinking water pipes. It closes in the event of a leak or at the press of a button at the signalling device if, for example, you want to leave the house for a longer period of time.

AFRISO Produkt Watercontrol Watchdog Wasserventil

Next, you teach in the water sensors. They can be connected directly to the water valve WaterControl 01 in order to install a compact and simple solution against water damage or integrated into the smart home system via the AFRISOhome gateway.
Then, the water sensor eco is simply placed where the risk of water leakage is greatest. For example, directly behind your washing machine, below the dishwasher or in the bathroom. Due to the energy harvesting method of the EnOcean wireless technology, you can also use the water sensor eco in dark areas because it operates without batteries. In the case of a leak, the fibre disks expand and generate the required power to send the warning signal.

AFRISO Produkt Watersensor Wassersensor eco front

For accessible areas subject to sunlight or the possibility of battery replacement, you can also alternatively use the water sensor con which signals the leakage without a water sensor.

When using an AFRISOhome gateway, you can always see the state of the sensor and the water valve and can conveniently open or close the valve with the smartphone.

In the case of an emergency, you quickly receive a warning message to your smartphone via push notification and can react even faster this way.

Smart Home Gateway AFRISOhome HG 01

Starter set Water Leakage

A starter kit is available for this application.

Benefit from the package price of only 699 € RRP incl. VAT for the set consisting of:

1 x water valve WaterControl 01, connection G¾
2 x water sensor WaterSensor eco
1 x wireless plug-in socket APR 234 with repeater function
1 x wireless rocker switch FT4F-rw