CO2 sensor

  • Monitoring of room air quality
  • Compact, unobtrusive design
  • Visual indication of concentration
  • Mains plug version similar to Schuko® CEE mains plug
  • With or without EnOcean wireless technology


For continuous monitoring of the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the ambient air. Application in rooms in which many persons work, study or live and where carbon dioxide levels may consequently be elevated. High concentrations of carbon dioxide in the ambient air reduce the ability of persons to concentrate and perform. Ideal for educational institutions, training/meeting rooms, office areas and household.


CO2 sensor with infrared technology in plastic housing, for connection to a standard CEE socket.
The CO2 concentration is indicated directly at the device by a colour scale:

  • LED green: No ventilation required
  • LED yellow: Ventilation recommended
  • LED red: Ventilation required

The version CO2 sensor F (with EnOcean wireless module) sends the measured values to the AFRISOhome gateway for further processing and initiation of appropriate action. For example, it is possible to start a room ventilation system in order to reduce the CO2 concentration. The current carbon dioxide concentration is also displayed by the AFRISOhome app. The AFRISOhome gateway  in conjunction with additional AFRISO products with EnOcean wireless technology allows the user to configure a whole range of fully customisable, extensible applications.

Technical specifications

Measuring range
0/2,000 ppm

Measuring accuracy
400/1,250 ppm: ±30 ppm or ±3 % of measured value
1,250/2,000 ppm: ±30 ppm or ±5 % of measured value

Operating temperature range
Ambient:   0/50 °C
Storage: -40/+70 °C
Humidity: Max. 95 % r.h.

Plastic housing (PC/ABS),
Colour: White, similar to RAL 9003
W x H x D: 69 x 69 x 31 mm
Weight: 108 g
Degree of protection: IP 20 (EN 60529)

Supply voltage
AC 100–240 V via Schuko® CEE mains socket

Nominal power
2.5 VA

Visual indication
LED green: < 1,000 ppm CO2
LED yellow: 1,000–1,500 ppm CO2
LED red: > 1,500 ppm CO2

EnOcean wireless
Frequency: 868.3 MHz
power: Max. 10 mW
Range: 10 to 30 m (depending on room arrangement and materials in the building)