Wireless rocker switch FT4F-rw

  • Can be used as single-rocker or dual-rocker switch (e.g. light switch, window blinds switch, presence switch)
  • Energy harvesting: Generates the energy for the wireless telegram when button is pressed
  • No battery, no connection cable required
  • Easy screw mounting or adhesive mounting
  • Flexible and location-independent use


For switching wireless actuators. The switch automatically generates the energy required for wireless telegrams when the switch is operated. Connection cables or batteries are not required.


Flexible use with single or dual rocker. If a single rocker is used, two signals can be transmitted: Top part of rocker pressed, bottom part of rocker pressed. Switches with dual rockers can transmit four signals: Two rockers, top and bottom parts pressed. The holding plate can be screwed to a plane surface or glued to walls, glass or furniture by means of the enclosed adhesive film. The unit can also be easily screwed to an existing 55 mm switch box using the existing screw sockets. It is possible to directly establish a wireless connection of the wireless rocker switch to many EnOcean actuators such as the water valve WaterControl or the indoor siren AIS 10 PRO. The wireless rocker switch can also be operated as a component of the AFRISOhome gateway.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage
Energy harvesting (via press of button)

Colour: White, similar to RAL 9003
W x H: 80 x 80 mm, outside
63 x 63 mm, inside dimensions of frame,
15 mm height

EnOcean wireless
Frequency: 868.3 MHz
Transmission power: Max. 10 mW
Range: 10 to 30 m (depending on room arrangement and materials in the building)

Scope of delivery
Frame R1F
1 x rocker WF
1 x dual rocker DWF
1 x frame BRF
1 x plate HP
1 x wireless module
1 x adhesive film